Friday, May 15, 2009

The Miscarriage Diaries - The Project

The Miscarriage Diaries

I am beginning a photo project that involves photographing women from around the world who have miscarried multiple times in order to give hope and solace to others who face a similar challenge in their quest for motherhood.

For some women, the simple, biological quest to become a mother can be a painful and difficult one. The recent passing of Mother's Day may be an unwelcome reminder for some of what they have lost and what they may never attain: motherhood.

Nearly 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, most often within the first 12 weeks. Recurrent miscarriage, or habitual pregnancy loss, is defined as three or more consecutive, spontaneous pregnancy losses. Recurrent miscarriage affects women of all races, nationalities and ethnicities.

I will be photographing women (and some men, too) who, in their quest to become mothers (parents), have miscarried multiple times. Too often those who miscarry suffer in silence. It is not discussed. It is brushed aside. But for those women who have miscarried, it is very real and very painful.

My hope is that this project will help the women (and men) who have been affected by miscarriage to know that they are not alone and that there is hope on the other side - they will see women who have decided against trying again and are living (happily) childless, those who have adopted, those who have turned to assisted reproductive technology and those who have tried again and were able to carry to term.

This project is also a very personal one: I first miscarried in 2005 and went on to miscarry three more times before having my son, who is now nearly seven months old.

I would like each woman to write something about her experience to be included with the photograph. I would love to be able to include women from all over the world.

If you are interested in being involved, please e-mail me at miscarriagediaries at gmail dot com.